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We offer a new book trailer service here on Book in Motion. For a limited time we will create these book promo videos with a 90% discount!!! You can use these trailers to promote your book on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or on your author website.

Book cover 1
Book cover 2

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book hand mockup

Woman’s hand holding book over wood boards

Photo-based video trailer showing your book in female hand over dark wood boards.

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dark minimal book mockup

Our cleanest book trailer

The cleanest video we can create to drive all the focus on your book.

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minimal book mockup wood shelf

Book on wooden bookshelf

Reveal your book on a wooden bookshelf!

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Book on bright wooden table

A video mockup featuring a book on a bright wooden table. This trailer fits for most author's books.

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Book next to black coffee

Top view of your book next to a cup of black coffee on a wooden table. You can use this video for any genre.

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Book on old grunge wood boards

This theme has old grunge wood boards as background for your book. You can use this trailer for any book.

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