Book promotion tips

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book cover creators

How to make the perfect book cover using cover creators

If you are a self publishing author, it is probably the best idea to hire a professional cover designer from Fiverr to get you cover design done for only $5. However there...

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worst book promotion ideas

The worst book promotion ideas that will never work

Many new writers are excited about their first book. It is understood that when you are trying to promote your book, you want it to be read by each and...

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best book mockups

The 6 best book mockups to use in 2018

These free online mockup tools are perfect for showcasing your cover designs as a self publishing author! Just select your cover image from your computer or smartphone and save the...

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Promote your book with our free mockup tool

You have written a book, launched it and now what next? Promotion! Yes, promotion of your book is the key to making your book a bestseller. Even after you have...

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how can good book promotion video help

How can a good book video promotion help you?

The immense popularity of video as a platform to reach out a huge number of people makes it one of the most quintessential promotional strategies for authors. A good book...

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effective book trailer strategy

How effective are book trailers as a promotion strategy?

Everything today needs to be promoted online. People have stopped going to shops for almost everything. If at all people go shopping it is just for the experience of physically...

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reasons consider book promotion videos

Reasons to use book promotion videos

There is no impact like a visual impact. This is the reason why your books have such attractive covers. When readers see them, they should be attracted to it to...

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how to promoto your book with video

How to promote books with professionally produced videos

If you are an ebook publisher or the author of a brand-new novel, book promotion can take time. Making sure that you can see continual sales and readership of something...

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book promotion strategies

Book promotion strategies you should implement

Have you been trying to sell your books and things are not working out? Are you almost giving up on your career? Bas Ratten a former UFC heavyweight champion once...

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promotion of a book

Promotion of a Book

Books are thoughts spread on paper with words of expression and promoting your book is basically sharing your ideas with people. So, it is very important to promote your book...

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