reasons consider book promotion videos

Reasons to use book promotion videos

March 9, 2018

There is no impact like a visual impact. This is the reason why your books have such attractive covers. When readers see them, they should be attracted to it to pick it up. Once they have picked it up, half your sale is done. But, how would you make people go to the bookshop to see your books? These are times when people sit at home and order books. How do you make them order your books? Or at least make them read a review of your book? The answer is a book trailer.

Why Video Promotion?

Video promotion is the best marketing tool for your books. The readers will see you and your book. They will hear words from the book, spoken by the author himself. Some people buy books just by seeing the author. After all, there is something called an attractive personality. A video trailer of your books is important because people spend a lot of their time watching videos on YouTube and other sites. It is an excellent media for the promotion of your books. The trailer should contain a short synopsis of the story. It is a must that you appear in the trailer. People like to see the author himself speak a few words about the book. Isn’t this the reason why authors appear in book launches and say something about the book? Hearing you talk about the book passionately could spur many into buying the book. Video promotion is important because most search results now show videos on the first page. So, if someone is searching for your book or a title similar to yours, there are all possibilities of your book trailer showing there. This is especially good for people who write non-fiction on niche subjects.

How To Make Videos And Promote?

A video trailer is easy to make. You can make it yourself or get someone you know to make it. It need not be professional, but it won’t hurt to get it done by a professional. You can upload the promotion video of your book on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can also post your video in websites and forums dedicated to writers. If you are a scientific or technical writer, you can upload the video to dedicated forums. Book In Motion is dedicated to book promotion using video trailers.

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