promotion of a book

Promotion of a Book

December 10, 2017

Books are thoughts spread on paper with words of expression and promoting your book is basically sharing your ideas with people. So, it is very important to promote your book in the right way. Promoting your book these days isn’t that difficult, but that’s not the exact way to do it. The main objective in a book promotion is that it should be effective. So how to promote your book so that it could spark an interest in readers?

Well, here are some points you need to note;

Finding the right audience

There’s a saying, “Charity begins at home” and so does promotion. Begin your promotion by sharing a brief note about your book with your friends and family. Show them your work and seek a review from them. Ask them to share the word with their network. Note the things people loved about your book and find the audience with such interests. It can test your patience as your book will reach the readers slowly but it will be effective as you can guarantee that your book is being read by people rather than being a showpiece at the shelf.

Choosing the right platform

Sharing the word about your book on social networking sites is a great idea. It may reach a lot of people, but you can never be sure that it was effective enough to make people buy and read your book! Picking a right platform is important. So choose sites that are known to be ‘writer’s social network’. Here, everyone is a writer or a reader or both. This will help you to find a larger audience with much interest and you’ll find more experienced people, who can even drop some brilliant ideas and show you million other ways to promote your book!

Being engaged with readers

It’s important to remain connected to your audience. The more you engage with them, the more it will affect the growth of interests and growth of audience. Nobody would like to read from an inactive and dull author. So you need to be active. Replying to messages, responding to feedbacks and suggestions, appreciating readers and discussing certain stories related to your book. All these engagements will help your book receive more response and attention from a wide audience.

Use of Media

Following certain method while working makes it much easier and smooth. So while promoting a book, using media is the best option. Everyone watches videos and creating a video, a trailer, for your book can spark the best interests in people. Picking some of the best quotes of your book, showing the story behind the book featuring yourself with a sound message, can be added to the promotional video.

So if you are looking for a promotion of your book, note these things, and march your way onto becoming not just a popular but also a successful author.

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