Space asteroid book mockup

June 13, 2018

I created this new book mockup for one of our dear users, who requested a mockup for her new science fiction book with stars and planets. I hope many sci-fi and other authors will find this mockup useful! The mockup features the earth in the background and it has an astronaut in the scene to make it more interesting. Your book is displayed on an asteroid!

Right click on the image to save it! You can use the generated images for personal and commercial purposes for free. Credit to is much appreciated.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I love this one! It works great for my new sci-fi novel, and I’ve shared the image (with the link to your site) in three of my online author groups. Thank you for so many awesome graphics!

  • Dave says:

    Fantastic mockup cover, this just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  • Kilby says:

    I have not seen anything like this. It is simply nice and awesome. I give you credit for this site.

  • Bang Jon says:

    Fantastic mockup cover

  • minton says:


  • Prince says:

    Wowwwwwww, like this is so so so Wonderful

    Works faster and better than every other mockup generator I’ve seen and used… Kudos to the developers, you guys are awesome

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