Showcasing book in woman’s hand

May 30, 2018

Woman is holding a book in her hands over a dark wood background. Thanks to the realistic lights and shadows the mockup looks like she is actually holding your book in her hands.

Right click on the image to save it! You can use the generated images for personal and commercial purposes for free. Credit to is much appreciated.

  • Liam Smith says:

    Great Service! Love it!

  • Aniesah says:

    Amazing. beautiful, and easy to make. Thank you so much..

  • Shara says:

    Thank you so much for this!

  • Damolq says:

    Just beautiful and easy to use

  • Peter Gray says:

    I used this service as a book recommendation. I made sure to credit you in the blog post as well. I am hoping to share this link with other independent writers too. This website is so easy to use! Amazing how you can upload a cover at a click of the button. Thank you once again!

  • Very Good Website. Thank you

  • Great..
    thanks for helping me…

  • Mostofa manik says:

    It’s really great

  • SAFAYET says:


  • Simply
    awesome guys, I was looking for you for years.
    I am an author and know how to write! But for designing such beautiful creative I always depended on some idiots.
    You have created a stunning and beautiful website that is helping us.

    Thanks a lot and Love.

  • Grace Ganyilo says:

    Amazing website for mock-ups

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