Lantern book mockup

June 5, 2018

Are you writing romance or mystery? Use this mockup to promote your book!

Right click on the image to save it! You can use the generated images for personal and commercial purposes for free. Credit to is much appreciated.

  • I love this design! It will work well for my fantasy action and adventure novella, even though it isn’t a mystery or romance. Thank you!

  • Love this, perfect for my book ‘Private Pleasures’ for advertising in the fall! Thanks and when I use it I will link back to you! Honey

  • Arrum says:

    Love this, perfect for my book ‘Seoul Colors’ for advertising. Thanks and when I use it I will very happy!!

  • Petra says:

    This is perfect for my fantasy book! Thank you for creating these free mockups, they are really some of my favourites I’ve seen so far and really easy to use. Again thank you, I don’t think you get enough credit

  • Hend Nassar says:


  • Bang Jon says:


  • Peter Gray says:

    This looks amazing! I will most certainty credit you as the designer of this beautiful book over mock-up image. It will pair perfectly with my paranormal romance story. If you enjoy romance stories with a supernatural element (i.e. ghosts, vampires and werewolves), you might like my two published stories “Cursed” and “The Tragic Tale of Teddy Woven” by Peter Gray.

  • Anna says:

    It looks lovely

  • Madiha nauman says:

    Thank you sooo very much……..

  • AN.Shalsabilla says:

    The best

  • Srihani says:


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