effective book trailer strategy

How effective are book trailers as a promotion strategy?

March 16, 2018

Everything today needs to be promoted online. People have stopped going to shops for almost everything. If at all people go shopping it is just for the experience of physically being there. Otherwise, most purchases are made online from the comforts of their houses. Your book needs to be promoted too. And it is not enough they are being promoted online, they need to be marketed through video. You may ask why. There are a lot of reasons for that. The most significant one being that moving pictures are more effective.

Book trailers speak louder

A video trailer for your book is the most effective way of promotion because people are more into watching videos. Nobody reads the literature. An important point is that a video can show more than any hoarding or poster can. In a video, you can use two mediums at the same time. Your readers can see you or the book and also hear your voice at the same time. Search engines nowadays are throwing up more video results and the trend is going to continue. There are videos for almost everything. If there is video trailer for the promotion of your book it could be seen on the first page itself. Seeing the link could push someone to watch it. A book reader needs to feel a personal connection with the author. Most readers have that with their favorite authors. They read every bit of news about the author and know the author inside out. Seeing you on screen and hearing you, could connect you with your readers better.

Where do you promote your book?

Any public online spot is good. First and most important are your Facebook page and LinkedIn page. You can also spread it through your tweets. Readers and authors’ forums are good places. Most people who visit these sites will hardly ignore a video trailer of a book. I am sure no one will mind seeing a few minutes of video while they have a cup of coffee. Apart from these, there are websites like Book in Motion that are dedicated to book promotion through video trailers.

Book promotion tips

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