book promotion strategies

Book promotion strategies you should implement

December 20, 2017

Have you been trying to sell your books and things are not working out? Are you almost giving up on your career? Bas Ratten a former UFC heavyweight champion once said: “The best life hack of all is to just put the work in and never give up”. So you must continue writing the books and promote them even though they are not being bought! Sounds funny but is actually what you got to do. The other thing you need to do is try different bookselling tricks that will help you achieve more sales. The tricks will move you from zero sales to becoming the best seller on Amazon and other platforms you might be using. So what are some of the tricks we are talking about?

Start a Blog Post

Blogging is one of the marketing techniques that companies and individuals like you are using and it is becoming one of the most rewarding selling tools. On the blog post, you need to write content that relates to your book and add links to your book so that people are re-directed to the page that shows the book either on Amazon or other platforms. This way, you will be promoting your book and can move from selling one copy to thousands of copies every month. If you have no time to start a blog because you are busy writing books, you might consider hiring a freelancer who will write the blogs for you and post without your management.

Participate in Web Forums

The web forums are another good way you can start promotion of your book easily. Depending on the niche that you write about, you will get an online forum where people with similar interests as you will meet and discuss different things within the niche. As you participate, you can market the book, and since this is a pool of people with similar interests, you have higher chances of selling the book.

Consider Book Trailers

These are videos that highlight your book and can be posted on your blog page or also on the online web forums. Therefore as people read your comments on the web forum, they will come across the video that shows them what your book is about. When developing book trailers, you need to hire a professional who can do it best so that the video leads to sales.

Post Your Book Video on Social Media

The social media is a selling tool you must utilize so as to make good sales. Not only is it a book promotion platform, but it is also a good place to let people know your interests and therefore when they have a need like are searching for knowledge on the same subject, they can contact you.

Post Comments Regularly on Other Writers Blogs

Fellow writers are also potential clients and actually one of the best because they understand your work. Posting comments on writer’s blogs help in the promotion of your books.

For the above selling tricks and especially blogs, social media, and web forums you should remember to add a call to action buttons so that the audience is attracted to buying your book. Even on videos, post the call to action before video plays and after.

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